Princess Wants Everything

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Coolie is on a vacation in a strange castle, owned by a spoiled and annoying princess. Explore the secrets of the castle and its inhabitants. Princess is known to have been stealing from her subjects, but still ... you might be inclined to help her, because ... it's fun!


Move Coolie using the cursor keys.
Type the commands to interact with the world.

HELP: displays list of available commands Coolie understands.

LOOK: shows description of your surroundings.

OPEN: for example 'OPEN THE DOOR'.

TAKE: allows you to take items; for example 'TAKE THE SWORD'.

INVENTORY: description of items names in Coolie's pockets.

DROP: allows Coolie to drop items, when her pockets are full. For example 'DROP THE SWORD'.

GIVE: allows Coolie to give items to the inhabitants of the castle. For example 'GIVE THE SWORD TO THE PRINCESS'.

TALK: Coolie can talk to the inhabitants of the castle. For example 'TALK TO THE PRINCESS'.

SEARCH: you can search through some containers. For example 'SEARCH THE CHEST'.



is a game, designed not only to immerse the child in a mysterious world of exploration and logical thinking, but also to pratice spelling and names of colours, animals, items, ... and of course the use of preposition 'the'.

Gameplay is roughly inspired by classic C64 and ZX Spectrum games, such as Atic Atac, the Hobbit, Spy vs. Spy which are honoured in some of the ingame graphics.

Source of graphics are various free resource sites. No copyrighted images (except Coolie) were used in the making of the game. Code is written in JavaScript using JQuery framework.

No frogs or princesses were hurt in the making of the game.

CoolWeb XI v1.9.14