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You are a ruler of a mighty country set to bring the democracy and prosperity to a small and unassuming country. Of course you are not the bad guy here. Why do you ask?

Version: ENGINE:
Prototype LIB:
IndexArray Managers:


Real gamer never reads instructions ...

Cursor left, right: deccelerate, accelerate

Cursor down, up: set cannon angle

Q, A: increase, decrease canon load

CTRL: shoot

Survival guide:

  • Chemical weapons are hidden in the huts, don't just ram them.
  • Don't let boxes fall into enemy's hands. Your survival depends on them.
  • Enemy bombers are very accurate, don't let them guess your future position.

About: Paratroopers

Invasion is loosely based on C64 game Paratroopers from 1982 and my first game I ever wrote in assembler in 1984, but is sadly lost.

For Invasion I created random terrain generator using Perlin noise, and on the fly assembly of different prerotated tank parts. Initial sprite load is thus fairly sparse.

Sprite conversion in progress ... just a sec or two ...

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