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Rat has this amazing feeling thar he needs to eat all the dots he sees. It's pity that this nasty ghosts are being such an annoyance. Luckily there is some cheese in the maze. And eating cheese makes feel the Rat as a dragon. Fierce an powerful. And the ghosts seems to be afraid. Sometimes. Take care.


Collect all the dots in the maze. The cheese would make the rat feel like a dragon ... Use cursor keys to navigate the maze.

About: Pac-Man

Dot Hunter is a clone of Pac-Man, released in 1980.

The version tries to capture most of the Pac-Man rules (and also some bugs ...), but to make it more challenging to code, it features procedural random mazes, constructed in a way that follows the rules of classic Pac-Man maze.

Features Dijkstra's and A* algorithms for path finding and my own algorithm for procedural dungeon generation.

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