Deep Down Into The Darkness

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Are you brave enough? To descent? To descent deep down into the darkness and claim the legendary treasure? Yes? Let's see about that ...

Hero's name:


Survival guide:

'Train' your hero to adapt to his environmental challenges.

Running away is always a possibility.

Game will save a checkpoint whenever you descend the stairs to a new level for the first time.


Use cursor keys to move.

CTRL ... cast magic.

H ... use healing potion

M ... use mana potion

A, D ... move scroll selection cursor

TAB ... level up

ENTER ... cast selected scroll

F4 ... pause/resume game



Magic lamp: inreased range of map revealing dungeon


Drain Mana: drains mana from all creatures in the area. Also yours!


Map: reveals the location of the temple or other important areas


Increase the damage of your weapon for certain duration.


Increase your armor for certain duration.


Decrease your opponent's armor in the certain range.


Decrease the damage of your opponent's weapons in the certain range.


Cripple: Decrease speed of the nearby monsters.


Invisibility: I will let you figure this one by yourself ...

Magic Boost

Magic Boost: boost your magic abilities for a while


Petrify: petrifies all enemies in a certain range

Teleport to Temple

Teleport to the Temple: instant jump to the temple. Could also be on top of some scary monster ...


Hero's luck is temporarily increased. One of the game's mysteries.


Monster's life energy in the certain range is halved.

About: Sword of Fargoal

'Deep Down Into the Darkness' was inspired by C64 classic Sword of Fargoal from 1983, which was itself influenced by 1980 Unix game Rogue.

Features Dijkstra's and A* algorithms for path finding and my own algorithm for procedural dungeon generation.

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