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You are a ghost. And as everybody knows ghost are greedy. So are you. You can not resist entering the ancient tombs to grab some treasure. So here we go ...


Use cursor keys to guide the ghost.

Shoot left and right using A and D key.

Press space to have a wish granted - once per level. There is only one thing for you to wish - for all your enemies to die.

Clear the stage within allocated time, or else ...

You might even get extra life when you reach certain score.

About: Tutankham

Anxys is not hiding that it is a clone of Tutanhham, legendary console game from 1982. The game ate a lot of my coins back in the day and had anxious and stressful gameplay - hence the name of my clone. The first four levels are almost verbatim copy of original.

Source of graphics are various free resource sites. No copyrighted images were intendedly used in the making of the game. Code is written in JavaScript using JQuery library.

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