C00lSch00l Teaching Tools

Our teaching tools are for children’s use!


At C00lSch00l, we have been gradually preparing and collecting different kinds of material since 2003. The collection is now broad enough to cover the basic needs of any teacher who wants to teach young children through PBA.

To engage children in peer interaction through social games, the unique ‘Dictionary for Young Children’ is essential. It consists of two ‘CoolHouses’ (registered under Registered Community Design Numbers 002369595-0001 and 002369595-0002) and the ‘CoolTool' (Community Design Registration Proceedings Numbers 002376012-0001, 002376012-0002 and 002376012-0003).


Cool Theme House - Picture Dictionary for Young Children

They are two flat houses made of fabric which windows are turned into pockets where the cards are kept alphabetically (the Cool Alphabet House) or thematically (the Cool Theme House). Both houses facilitate an easier search for the desired word as well as help finding the link between the pronunciation (the first sound) with the spelling (first letter). Children can easily find the wanted card by searching for it under the starting letter (an apple can be found in the Alphabet House in the pocket ‘A’) or under the topic ‘fruit’ in the Theme House). More details in CoolHouse section.


CoolTool has 700 illustrated cards covering different topics (for example family, food, colours, weather, sports, adjectives, hobbies, vervs etc.)

The cards' design and different parts of speech enable creating sentences in a way lego bricks can create buildings.

There are three different types of CoolTool for every word.

Different combinations of the word and its illustration efficiently facilitate many cooperative card games and activities:

izvajanje različnih vrst sodelovalnih didaktičnih iger izvajanje različnih vrst sodelovalnih didaktičnih iger

Together, THE COOLTOOL AND COOL HOUSES function as a Picture Dictionary for Young Children, made up of 700 of the most frequently used words, covering the topics usually found in workbooks for the young. Each word has cards (a word and a picture) in three different versions. They enable a range of social games and are very handy for different types and levels of cooperative learning.

Moreover, the same ‘Dictionary’ enables children to learn how to read and write at an early age through play activities and serious games. The CoolTool is also the key-tool to introduce some real grammar through Visual Sentences, Visual Story and Visual Grammar. As one can build a castle from building bricks, so can stories be created using the CoolTool.

COOL DOODLE - half-finished drawings

The PBA covers many topics entwined into one theme. To help children connect the topics together in a 'picture story', we use half-finished drawings, called doodles, which children complete individually. They are over 300 of them in our CoolDoodle collection.

All of the materials mentioned above can be used very effectively in the classroom as essential accessories for introducing grammar tenses in the PBA teaching approach with one exceptional advantage; they are used for children's use.

Some more details in CoolDoodle section.

To introduce the theme of the project, we use PICTURE BOOKS


Picture books are perfect because they can lead us to different topics covered in the same context. Follow up activities (social games) help to memorise language elements which are later entwined into a new story, a song, rhyme or a game.

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