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CoolTool 1 639,00 €
CoolTool 2 639,00 €
CoolTool 3 639,00 €
CoolTool 3+ 639,00 €
Cool ThemeHouse 180,00 €
Cool AlphabetHouse 180,00 €
Basic Set (CT1; CTH; CAH) 829,00 €
Complete Set (CAH, CTH, CT1-CT3+) 2.299,00 €
Completion of Basic Set (CT2, CT3, CT3+) 1.649,00 €
Complete Card Set (CT1-CT3+) 2.149,00 €

CoolTool packets ready to send

VAT is not included in the price.

Postage and packaging are included in the price. Parcels are delivered by UPS.

The teaching material is not on stock. Due to a complex producing and packaging logistic and a start up business it needs to be pre-ordered. Orders are collected by three time-lines.

The pro forma invoice is sent to your e-address when the order is received. The order is confirmed after the 50% deposit. The receipt for the downpayment is issued. The rest of the payment is expected before the delivery. The items remain in the firm’s possession until the full payment.

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The data you enter will be printed on the pre forma invoice. The parcel and invoice will be sent after receiving the full payment for the ordered items.

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