If you decide to follow a textbook, CoolDoodles provide an interesting supplement, breaking up the routine and giving children additional motivation. However, if you decide to use them as the basis for your programme, you are free to pick the CoolDoodles to your liking. We offer an extensive range of CoolDoodles, covering the same topics as the card catalogue. Each topic has many variations of CoolDoodles, and teachers are free to select those that suit their classes, according to their own wishes and taste. The same CoolDoodles can be approached at different levels. In other words, the same CoolDoodles are appropriate for children aged 5, 6, 7, etc.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, CoolDoodles also cover some fairy tales that can be used in your curriculum.

Visit 'The Collection' of Doodles and download what you like. It's free.

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