Advantages of Using CoolSchool Teaching Aids

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THE PURPOSE OF EARLY FOREIGN LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION ACCORDING TO THE CURRICULUM (2nd and 3rd grades) CoolSchool - teaching aids, seminars for early foreign language learning. 
                                     Učni pripomočki in seminarji za zgodnje učenje tujega jezika. Jezikovna šola za najmlajše.
TEACHING RESOURCES and open didactic concept
TEXTBOOK AND WORKBOOK (which is completed in its entirety, instruction always revolves around its completion)
Exploits all of the developmental characteristics of the child YES NO
Enables an additional dimension in the development of the child YES YES
Oriented towards learning progress and the development of the child YES YES
Encourages a positive attitude towards foreign languages YES NO - weariness of the children
Provides an opportunity for the holistic learning of languages YES NO - there is no time
Has a positive effect on learning and self-concept YES NO
Emphasises the authentic acquisition of language YES NO
Instruction takes place within a contextual and thematic field YES YES
Gives priority to the fact of understanding rather than structure YES YES
Authentic didactic material YES NO - it is adapted for the classroom
Global conception of the subject matter YES NO - focused on acquiring vocabulary
Sensitises the child towards language YES YES - if the other input is in the target language
Encourages multisensory abilities YES YES - to a limited extent
Emphasises and encourages the inner motivation of the child YES NO
Covers the topics from the curriculum YES YES
Enables creative and innovative pedagogical work YES NO
Oriented towards socialisation and peer communication YES NO
Enables various approaches to work YES NO - there is no time
Encourages cooperation between peers YES NO
Enables flexibility of the programme YES NO
Enables differentiation YES NO
Enables spontaneous literacy (reading and writing) from the first grade onwards, without the children being burdened with the motor skills of writing YES NO
Improves the child’s self-concept YES NO - too little time
Enables the child to take responsibility for his/her own work YES NO
ONE SET is sufficient for ALL GRADES (from 1 to 5), for ALL GENERATIONS YES NO