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CoolSchool - Who are we?

We are the team developing and perfecting the PBA approach in young foreign language learning, addressed through the child's point of view.

Mija Selič, M.Sc is a practitioner and teacher trainer whose more than three decades of practice teaching English to young learners has resulted in the development of the Project-Based Approach for young learners, which is the result of actual work with children. She holds a Master's Degree in primary teaching, with a research focus on cooperative learning in the mother tongue and a foreign language. She also holds a degree in the English language and a certificate in convergent pedagogics. She ran workshops on early language learning for the National Educational Institute from 2007 until 2011. She is currently running her own school for early language learning where she teaches children, runs workshops for English teachers on the PBA approach and develops unique teaching aids for young learners that support the approach. She presents her work at different international conferences (Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany), through her blog and writes articles.

Dr. Lovro Selič got his first computer - Commodore 64 - in 1984. Even though his professional path led him to science - chemistry, the passion for programming remained to this day and extended to data science and machine learning.

His role in C00lSch00l is 'Webmaster' and programmer of computer games. He is also quite useful for 'brainstorming' on strolls and in sauna ...

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